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Wedding & Reception Events

Our venue includes a collection of 35+ colors and textures of custom linens, show-stopping centerpieces, custom computerized LED lighting, free parking, an event coordinator, tiebacks and chiavari chairs all at no additional charge!

Corporate Events


Corporate Events, Fundraisers, & Private Functions

You and your honored guests will be more than pleased that you chose the Roostertail for your next Corporate, Fundraiser, or Private Function. It’s the perfect place for your entertainment needs.

Memorable Proms


Attention Administration & Chaperones:


As a reminder, under NO circumstance will docking boats, or

motorcycles, motorcades (or groups of vehicles) be allowed on property! All

parents dropping off students MUST remain in their vehicles. The safety of

your students and faculty is our TOP priority and we will enforce these rules

to their full effect. Again, NO BOATS or MOTORCYCLES will be allowed

on the premises for any reason. Only students and parents dropping off

students, will be allowed onto the property. Please advise all students

through social media, email, school announcements etc., that The

Roostertail will be enforce these rules.


Thank you for your cooperation,

* *Please contact Shawna Peplinski or Bridgette Haas for clarification or permission for alternative

drop offs. Any form of transportation other than Automobile MUST be approved by Shawna or




Roostertail Management

The Roostertail

100 Marquette Drive

Detroit, MI 48214



High Schools Prom Venue

Host your perfect prom in one of our luxurious ballrooms. We understand the student’s desire to capture a lifetime experience to be remembered by all.


Jersey Boys the Movie - Roostertail

Jersey Boys The Movie

The Roostertail is proud to announce its role in “Jersey Boys The Movie”


    A first-class affair…

    For nearly a half-century, we have cultivated our identity as a Detroit’s premier entertainment destination. When your event is at the Roostertail, you know it is going to be a first-class affair. Come see why those who’ve been to a Roostertail party make it a point to choose us for all of the important occasions in their lives.

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